Irrigation, Drainage and Land Reclamation

At Geo consultants Ltd, we firmly believe that there is always room for improvement. We know that there is always a way to do something better. This may involve better equipment, an improved procedure or new technique, or an entirely new methodology of analysis.
We take advantage of all the new information that we have available: information from our clients, conversations with contractors, ideas from our colleagues, as well as keeping ourselves informed on the latest developments and innovations in the field of Irrigation and drainage. We are in search of innovative solutions that will provide our clients with better and financially sustainable solutions, as well as greater safety, less delays, faster services, always ensuring the quality of the information and the services that we provide.
We use traditional techniques and equipment at places where we know that optimum results can be obtained, but in parallel we design a better future to satisfy our customers’ requirements to the best possible way and establish long-lasting relations and collaborations.Our products include distribution and reticulation design and supplies/ Installation Automated
system of:

-     Drip irrigation systems
-     Overhead irrigation systems 
-     Lawn irrigation systems
-     Greenhouse misting systems
-     Center Pivot Irrigation System
-     Lawn irrigation systems
-     Greenhouse misting systems
-     Installation of Automated reverse osmosis machine.
-     Reservoir liners
-     Propagation heating and misting systems
-    Water silos (Mesh and Galvanized iron sheet)
-    Construction of Water Silo Tanks.
-    Water Tank Steel tower Design and Construction
-    Reclamation and management of Waste Land

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