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Geo Consultants Limited is Civil engineering and Environmental Company registered in Kenya that provides broad range of services for Design, Feasibility study, Supervision, implementation of investment and construction of projects in Water, Irrigation, Soil Conservation, Sanitation,Natural Resources, Environmental and Climate Changes related Projects related infrastructure Consultants was Established in 2010.

Our scope of work includes:

Mobirise Mobirise

Water Resources and Supply
- Surface
- Ground water,
- Rock catchment,
- urban and rural supplies)

Irrigation and Drainage
-  Involves Design, supervision and Construction of: Drip, Canal, Sprinkler and Lawn irrigation.
-  Involves of automation of Irrigation: Irrigation time, User defined, Soil moisture, Use of GSM (SMS) Mode for system current report, system activation and de-activation, Channel Selection

Soil and Water Natural Resources, Environmental and Climate Project related infrastructure
Sewerage and Sanitation

Civil work (Dams, Intakes, Retaining wall, Dykes, Canals, Subsurface dam, Rock catchment dams, Earthdam, Earthpan)
 Borehole and surface pumps installations

- Dam and Pond lining.
- Construction of Silo tanks.
- Environmental (Industrial waste, municipal solid waste, Pollution control, Farm waste water recycling, Floods mitigation)

Renewable energy Solutions- Supply and installation of Solar water pumps (Borehole Surface pumps) including its components (Solar panels, Charge controller, Batteries. Inverters}

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Mama Ngina street ,

Rehema House 6th Floor Room 9A.

consultantsgeo47@gmail.com info@geoconsultantsltd.com

Tel ; +254 734 170 909 /
         +254 765 208 987

Address; 103677-100100, Nairobi

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